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Ever wondered as a student how you can study the natural factors affecting the working of organizations. That’s where PESTLE analysis steps in. It allows organizations to study how various factors can affect their transactions and sales. PESTLE analysis is used by marketing and advertising branches of organizations to study their organization’s future transactions.PESTLE is a study tool which stands for -:

P- Political

E- Economical

S- Social

T- Technological

L- Legal

E- Environmental( now also ethical)

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PESTLE stands for the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that affect the functioning of a particular association. such a system is used to conduct a survey or research on whether a particular process, idea or product would do well in its particular market. Topic-wise break down of PESTLE Analysis includes:

  • Political Analysis - the dynamic political patterns of a country or state speaks volumes. Political decisions affect taxation, duties, costing, and various factors such as labour and trade policies. For your assignments, you need political factors to be studied in-depth to know its impact on your product or idea. 
  • Economic Analysis - Economic factors are a crucial factor to study. Factors such as inflation, changing exchange rates and various other economic factors impact the working and future working of an idea, process or product of an organization.
  • Social Analysis-  Social trends along with socio-cultural factors are studied under this analysis. Factors such as age, population, and gender are few topics covered under this analysis that would impact an organization’s product, service or idea. 
  • Technological Analysis - Technology and changing trends in the utilization of services, goods are interconnected. With the advancement in technology, there is better delivery, better production, and better distribution, better marketing, and overall better sale. Analysis of technological changes and trends is essential for any PESTLE Analysis assignment.
  • Legal Analysis -  legal factors impact the internal and external working of an organization. Any amendment to legal policies of labour, marketing, production, financing, etc can change various factors in the working and profit of a product or service of an organization.
  • Environmental Analysis - Environmental factors are regularly featured in PESTLE Analysis assignments as they majorly change the use or sale of a product or a service. For example, if an organization is selling air purifiers then the product would only sell in cities with high air pollution levels.

There are various sub-topics within the above-mentioned topics which are also covered under Pestle analysis assignments.

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